An analysis of a visit in the currier gallery of art

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Samuel Adams

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Museum Art Exhibit Visit Summary Essay

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I had time and time again heard my cousin who is a literature student in collage talk of the Carnegie Museum of Art as the best place to experience the convergence of art and literature.

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Shortly after the Currier Gallery of Art opened, an art director was established.

Manchester, New Hampshire: Currier Museum of Art

This art director was Maud Briggs Knowlton. Knowlton has been recognized as being one of the first women to work as an art director in a recognized museum in the country. Visit the Galleries Stroll through the different galleries to see American and European art ranging from the Renaissance to current day.


Enjoy the Currier’s extensive collections of paintings, sculpture, furniture, glass and ceramics. At Currier Museum of Art you can see thousands of pieces of European and American art, including works from great masters, such as John Singer Sargent, Picasso, and Monet.

The diverse collection includes items from medieval tapestries to contemporary prints and cheri197.comon: Ash St, Manchester, NHUSA. Situated in Manchester, this property is close to Currier Museum of Art, Southern New Hampshire University Arena, and Saint Joseph Cathedral.

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Also nearby are Palace Theater and City Hall Plaza.

An analysis of a visit in the currier gallery of art
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