An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country, so much of the censored content is focused around pornography, which is contrary to the religious views of the country. The unique aspect of all these freedom of speech debates arising from the Internet is its global nature.

Different countries have adopted different approaches to regulating the Internet and some of these may be regarded as either censorship or more subtle oppression, where communications are allowed to proceed but are closely monitored for evidence of criminal, terrorist, or subversive activity.

InHarvard political science professor Gary King led a study to determine what caused social media posts to be censored and found that posts mentioning the government were not more or less likely to be deleted if they were supportive or critical of the government.

The international nature of the Internet, Internet content regulation in Australia, and Protecting existing economic interests is an additional emergent motive for Internet filtering. Censorship in Turkey is aligned to the protection of families especially with regard to protection against pornography.

Topics discussed include the media's coverage of the Banned Book Week, the opposition of liberals to the Supreme Court's decision in the Some of the apparently most reputable online pharmacies provide a user review system where users are invited to rate the efficacy of both the site and the medication, for example Pharmacy Reviewer.

It provides the hardware means of sending and receiving data on a carrier, including defining cables, cards, and physical aspects.


The PAP retained 82 of 84 elected seats, though the opposition offered candidates for a greater number of seats and secured a larger percentage of the vote than in previous years. The ISA, previously aimed at communist threats, is now used against suspected Islamist terrorists.

If the target Web site is hosted in a shared hosting serverall websites on the same server will be blocked. When viewed by appropriate adults, this appears to be no more harmful than that available elsewhere.

In some cases, RSF reports that censorship is clandestine, in other cases, it is overt. Government websites have been targeted by cyber-attacks. Consider having separate personal and business e-mail addresses. At what point does it become inappropriate?

As a result, Beijing chose to block the whole Chinese Wikipedia; [24] as of Juneboth encrypted and un-encrypted Chinese-language Wikipedia are blocked. Internet censorship in China Access to Wikipedia has varied over the years with the Chinese language version being controlled more tightly than other versions.

There are perceptions that it is easy to side-step censorship in Finland. Individuals and organizations may engage in self-censorship on their own or due to intimidation and fear.

Media of Singapore

Information that travels over the Internet does so via a variety of languages known as protocols. DNS filtering and redirection. He was already talking to a network of researchers across the United States. Very few reports were picked up on concerns about the violation of personal privacy.

Speedy deletion allows for the deletion of articles without discussion and is used to remove pages that are so obviously inappropriate for Wikipedia that they have no chance of surviving a deletion discussion.

This is either the height of Internet democracy or a bizarre example of data of very dubious relevance to a specific user presented in a misleadingly authoritative manner. The most significant is the HTML standard, which defines how Web pages should be written and interpreted by browsers.

I do not think that it could be held obscene, but am in a difficulty here, for the reason that I have never been able to follow the legal definition of obscenity. Lee Hsien Loong continued to pursue economic growth while using the legal system and other tools to keep media criticism and the opposition in check.

Music Censorship: An Overview

Common methods used to prevent inappropriate access include: And yet the dividing line between censorship and regulation is unclear. All religious groups are required to register with the government under the Societies Act.A report (country overview) on the internet censorship prepared by University of Pretoria in South Africa has fallen into our hands.

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apart from natural renewables. and some reactors are only operated for research. NCAC resources help activists, educators, students, artists and all citizens promote free expression and challenge censorship. Search the full list of our current resources below. Click here for a listing of major free speech issues.

LGBTQ Right to Read Resource Guide Books, Sexuality Students. Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, Overview Edit. total censorship of information is very difficult or impossible to achieve due to the underlying distributed technology of the Internet.

Pseudonymity and data havens. An Overview of Internet Censorship Analytical Essay by AROD An Overview of Internet Censorship A look at the law regarding Internet censorship and tools that are used to censor, as well as a debate about the extent of censorship that should be in place.

The British colony of Singapore obtained home rule inentered the Malaysian Federation inand gained full independence in During his three decades as prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew and his People’s Action Party (PAP) transformed the port city into a regional financial center and exporter of high-technology goods but .

An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore
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