Digital beamforming thesis

A vertical antenna array forming ring-shaped cells is shown to improve the coverage performance and reduce system complexity. A simplified method for cell capacity estimation based on the power control information is also included.

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The superior sensitivity properties of the multi-dimensionalWDF architectures are demonstrated through simulation results. Leveraging concepts from stochastic geometry and random shape theory, the proposed model incorporates key features of mmWave networks, including blockage effects and directional beamforming.

The null-broadening beamforming method, originally proposed in the HAPs communications, is applied to improve the robustness of the MVDR beamformer.


Also, aspects of designing RF tag for achieving dynamic beamforming has been discussed"--Abstract, page iv. This paper exploits the potential of large antenna arrays to develop a low-complexity directional modulation technique, Antenna Subset Modulation ASMfor point-to-point secure wireless communication.

The same idea is proposed to be implemented for one-dimensional filter realization, which can be used as a re-configurable filter realization platform for RF-FPGA devices. Analog Beamforming The figure-1 depicts analog beamforming transmitter. This article explains how beamforming and precoding are different in MIMO mmWave systems than in their lower-frequency counterparts, due to different hardware constraints and channel characteristics.

Results have been obtained from both Digital beamforming thesis and analytical derivations, and good agreement is observed between the two sets of values Powered by: This imperfect beamforming produces corrupted weight values which affect the performance of the system.

Prelcicand R. One solution is to employ low resolution one-bit ADCs. The combined signal is designated as s t in the figure Introduction Adaptive antenna array beamforming in future multimedia cellular CDMA communication systems holds great potential for improving signal-to-interference-noise ratios and achieving higher cell capacity.

The experimental results are presented and discussed. Two potential architectures are reviewed: Results obtained from the proposed imperfect beamforming and the power control capacity estimation technique agree with those obtained for the situation where perfect beamforming weights are used.

Beamforming For 3D Medical Ultrasound Imaging

This is done Digital beamforming thesis RF mixer. Both conventional and adaptive beamforming methods are investigated in the application to HAP communications. We propose a new algorithm for estimating the interference- -plus-noise covariance matrix for beamforming in a cellular CDMA system in a fading channel.

Additional experiments were performed with simulated GPS data to further characterize the capability of the receiver. Results have been obtained from both simulations and analytical derivations, and good agreement is observed betwe A narrow band system, typical of radarsis one where the bandwidth is only a small fraction of the centre frequency.

Because of the variation of noise with frequency, in wide band systems it may be desirable to carry out the process in the frequency domain.

For the MISO channel, we derive the exact channel capacity. In passive sonar, and in reception in active sonar, the beamforming technique involves combining delayed signals from each hydrophone at slightly different times the hydrophone closest to the target will be combined after the longest delayso that every signal reaches the output at exactly the same time, making one loud signal, as if the signal came from a single, very sensitive hydrophone.

It is necessary to estimate suitable beamforming weights from the received signal data which contains interference and noise. Next, a GPS receiver using correlator beamforming was developed to apply the necessary phase shift to each data sample and form an antenna beam in the direction of the desired satellite.

First, a system-level energy model for a receive-side digital beamforming system is presented. Hence, above beamforming method is further extended to achieve dynamic beamforming. The method uses direct PN sequence signal cancellation.

Therefore, the performance of optimal schemes through bounds, as well as suboptimal ones such as strong-path BF, which beamforms to the stronger path of two links based on their received signal-to-noise ratios SNRsis provided for BERs or SERs, for the first time.

In side-look-sonars, the speed of the towing system or vehicle carrying the sonar is moving at sufficient speed to move the sonar out of the field of the returning sound "ping".

The precoding strategy exploits the sparse nature of the mmWave channel and uses a variant of matching pursuit to provide simple solutions to the hybrid beamforming problem. Number of practical experiments has been carried out to validate the propagation models that were employed during the scheme design phase.We propose a local conjugate beamforming method, which gracefully distributes the processing to each antenna with close-to-optimal performance.

Hybrid beamforming for massive MIMO systems.

We also devise a novel internal relative channel calibration procedure which enables full CSI to be collected very quickly. Digital beamforming phased arrays are becoming an increasingly common antenna product both for defense and commercial applications.

The primary technological advancement making this possible is the development of high performance miniaturized and highly integrated receivers. NOVEL TECHNIQUES AND ARCHITECTURES FOR ADAPTIVE BEAMFORMING THUA VAN HO,, DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY () McMASTER UNIVERSITY (Electrical Engineering) Hamilton, Ontario TITLE: Novel Techniques and Architectures for Adaptive Beamforming AUTHOR: Thua Van Ho, (University of Toronto) In this thesis, novel techniques and.

This work describes a novel adaptive array processor which is capable of a large bandwidth wideband processing. The beamforming structure is a generalized sidelobe canceller and contains unique features that are discussed in detail.

It combines the advantages of simple analog hardware, high speed A. This research effort investigates the feasibility of beamforming using a single Global Positioning System (GPS) front end. Traditional methods of beamforming use multiple front ends, typically one per antenna element. By enabling a receiver to sample a switched antenna array, the hardware cost of implementing a GPS antenna array can be significantly reduced.

digital beamforming, the number of received antennas is the same as the number of analog to digital converters (ADCs) which is one of the most expensive parts of a digital receiver.

Digital beamforming thesis
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