Hiv/aids case study geography

An example of relocation of disease can be seen in the migration of disease carriers, whether it be a migrant with HIV or measles. Families were incentivised to have no more than one child, by means of free contraception, salary bonuses and preferential employment, free healthcare and schooling.

Coasts Explain how and why a delta has formed in a named area which you have studied.

AS Geography - AQA - HIV/AIDs & Case Study (Malawi)

What percentage of the population will be over the age of 60 years old in the year ? Isolation is of course an important management measure for many diseases though, and is essential for highly infectious diseases such as cholera.

Other measures in the UK involved creating a heightened awareness of improved hygiene. In April ofthe Japanese government provided financial assistance for the construction of the Lee Hospital. Is Gambia becoming a country with a youthful or ageing population? Relocation diffusion is a spatial spread process, whereby the disease leaves the areas in which it originated as it moves into new areas.

Hiv/aids case study geography number of interesting patterns can be seen. In this chart we can see that the wealthiest 20 percent have the highest incidence of HIV and the poorest 20 percent have the lowest HIV incidence.

Weather, Climate and Ecosystems Tropical storms are a type of natural hazard.

HIV in the United States by Geography

The birth rate has fallen as a result. See this example from Testing facilities are often poor. This means less education and fewer chances of medical help.

To do this, you will need a copy of Geofile issue from Oxford University Press. The other general pattern to comment on is that in the vast majority of countries HIV kills only a small number of people. Describe the causes of this pollution and its effects on people and the environment.

The diagram to the left shows a mix between expansion and relocation. Without wanting to stereotype whole regions of Southern Africa or to be judgemental it is well known that some African traditions carry a strong patriachal structure, whereby concurrent sexual relations when men have more than one sexual partner at the same time and age dispirate sexual relations older men have sexual relations with much younger girls is very common.

There are two exemptions highlighted in Burundi and Liberia both of which experience rather stable and low death rates; both of which have relatively small population size anyway of 6.

Although rates of infection vary considerably, methods of contraction are relatively similar in all areas. Can you determine what they are showing?

Watch the video to the right and take notes on the previous worksheet following same order as video i. Several mass media campaigns are also being used as educational tools for the public. Availability of testing is also important so that people know if they have the disease and can take action to ensure it is not spread.

The second chart shows how HIV prevelance varies significantly within a country based on the geographical region. Concurrency is very likely to increase the liklihood of contact with HIV and age dispirate sex, places young girls in contact with men who have been sexually active for many years.

Case Study: HIV/AIDS

Medication has so far not been overly effective. A second example would be the recent H1N1 flu virus that quickly went global via the aviation network of flights and major international airports. Education determines literacy and literacy has a mjor impact on the ease in which a country can effectively roll out educational programmes to prevent the spread of HIV.

In public places like airports and railway stations people wore face masks. Use this sheet to annotate how to read a population pyramid using shape and then what shape indicates. Pollution Human activities may cause water and air pollution.

Plate tectonics Explain the causes of an earthquake which occurred in a named area which you have studied.

Methods Used to Control AIDS and the Organisations Involved

There is a great cost involved in treating the disease, e. Proudly powered by Weebly. HIV detection is the first step towards treatment and help.

HIV, AIDS & Infectious Diseases

There is increased funding to tackle the disease from sources such as the World Bank. Compulsory testing for AIDS is also used to identify those with the disease. In the the use of the word status here I am referring to the personality traits and sexual appeal of individuals.IGCSE Geography Case Studies 4 PROBLEMS OF OVERPOPULATION Inadequate fresh water for drinking water use as well as sewage treatment and effluent discharge.

Lagos has the persistent problem of inadequate water supply which has lead to the unhealthy living conditions. Four case studies at different geographic scales demonstrate the devastating effects of the disease. In Africa the situation is catastrophic, in Thailand it is rapidly becoming so.

In the US there are overpeople with AIDS and more than one million infected by the HIV. Geography AS Notes. HIV, AIDS & Infectious Diseases; A Disease of Affluence: Coronary Heart Disease; Health & Food; Transnational Corporations; Regional Differences in Healthcare; Rural Areas Case Study - Isle Of Purbeck; Censuses; Population Change & Sustainable Development; Rivers.

Four case studies at different geographic scales demonstrate thedevastating effects of the disease. In Africa the situation iscatastrophic, in Thailand it is rapidly becoming so. In the USthere are overpeople with AIDS and more than one millioninfected by the cheri197.coms: 3.

ANALYSIS OF CASE STUDIES The HIV/AIDS epidemic represents a growing health hazard for human populations worldwide. Globally, more than 60 million people have been afflicted with the disease and 25 million have already died. Due to better transport links as greater movement, HIV/AIDS is spreading. This has lead to the prevalence in India and China increasing as the countries develop but .

Hiv/aids case study geography
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