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He was born into the vaishya, or business, caste. Gandhi left behind his son Harilal, then a few months old. Indeed, were Gandhi known for nothing else in India, he would still be remembered as one of the principal figures in the history of Indian journalism.

Her husband was sent to exile and after that, she took the responsibility of Awadh and eventually she took the control of Lucknow. Maharashtra Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born on May 9,in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and he became one of the most learned men in India, a leader of social and political reformists and one of the earliest, founding leaders of the Indian Independence Movement.

Top 30 Greatest Freedom Fighters of India With Chart List

He lived modestly in a self-sufficient residential community and wore the traditional Indian dhoti and shawl, woven with yarn hand-spun on a charkha. Indian freedom fighters the age of 5, the young Rajendra Prasad was sent to a Maulavi for learning Persian.

Gandhi, quite characteristically, refused additional security, and no one could defy his wish to be allowed to move around unhindered.

Outside, hundreds of thousands of Indian freedom fighters were imprisoned, and thousands were killed in police firings. When the Congress convened its session inGandhi backed the young Jawaharlal for the Congress presidency.

Some get the spotlight while some stay in the dark and contribute just as much as the others. Jul 23, Date of Death: India Chandrasekhar Azad was a great Indian freedom fighter and revolutionary thinker.

Subhas discussed the idea of an underground struggle against the British with members of the Forward Bloc. Nehru was elected again to the Congress Presidency inand again in After the incident, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged to death and are considered as martyrs today.

Subhas met Mussolini in Italy and made Vienna his headquarters. The Committee was imprisoned in a fort-turned-prison in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, separate from Gandhi, who was imprisoned in Pune. Azad was also a believer in socialism as the basis for a future India, free of social and economic oppression and adversity.

He partnered with Batukeshwar Dutt for this task. He got the honour of hoisting the Indian flag in Pune for the first time after independence.

Top 10 Freedom Fighters in India

Gandhi also continued to travel throughout the country, taking him wherever his services were required. The nation has been growing economically and socially and is heading towards development. While on one side Gandhi was following the ideologies of non-violence and peace, on the other there was a group of youth who wanted to attain independence by hook or by crook.His and other freedom fighters role in the Poligar Wars with British during to should rightly be termed as the First War of Indian Independence.

Theeran Chinnamalai was a freedom fighter since his early days.


Top 30 Freedom Fighters of India Freedom fighter of india chart and list,Known as the Golden Bird, on the other side India had faced a great downfall where “Freedom Fighters of India ” has been an unknown word for the Indians for a span of years in which East India Company ruled India.

The freedom fighters of India played an extensive role in getting independence for the country. The 'Revolt of ' was the first war of independence of India. The revolt started as. Indian Freedom Fighters · March 19, · revolutionary who was brought up in the patriotic atmosphere, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, where Shaheed means ‘Martyr’, from a very young age all he ever dreamed was of seeing his country free.

91 rows · Pantulu was an Indian politician and freedom fighter, chief minister of the Madras.

30 Indian Freedom Fighters Who Disappeared In The Pages Of History

The freedom fighters of India played an extensive role in getting independence for the country. The 'Revolt of ' was the first war of independence of India. The revolt started as a mutiny by.

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Indian freedom fighters
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