Space exploration or poverty

When they send people to give them prepared food and medication, what will happen when they leave? Where would we be today if we all took the attitude that science was Space exploration or poverty waste of time and money? Just so long as they spend the equivalent discovering why it takes me three hours to get the 37 miles to work each morning.

Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

Money could be allocated for education. It is stimulating to think about what exists beyond, but with the nearest stars X million light years away what is the possibility we can make something useful out of it? It all counts towards the learning experience of mankind. In time probes will be common place.

These are important times to explore to keep our collective spirits up. Indian ministers have flouted scientific advice by fast-tracking environmental clearances to corporations including mining firms.

We have still lot to do at our home, Earth. But governments have funded a new particle collider at CERN to find it because they recognise the importance of finding it to understanding the universe. North Americans would all be Native Americans, Africans would all be black, and Australia would have only Aborigines and kangaroos.

A False Choice: Human Space Exploration vs. Aid to the Poor

In time probes will be common place. Space Exploration is a waste of money and a waste of time. The spacecraft completed one orbit around the globe, lasting about 1 hour and 48 minutes. NASA, yes, is hazardous. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, educate the uneducated etc.

Many NASA engineers give their expertise and spare time to apply space program technology to problems facing the developing world. That is the equivalent of what will happen to "outer-space" if we give up at this first small step. For example, space based science offers an environment to foster new materials, better medicines, improved methods to provide clean water, and better ways to grow enough food to feed our increasing global population.

Soon, the Earth will simply not be big enough and we need to start considering our future as a species. And would the internet have been created without satellite communications? We should be able to reach for the heavens — and to do so requires a robust human space exploration program.

The criticism seems partly directed at the fact that the mission was not privately funded, as research in the west increasingly is; state money was channelled towards it without any marketable product emerging.

Look at our own Earth. It is also not meaningless, how is it meaningless? Also, we know we exist, but we don't know if anything out there exists. Therefore, we shouldn't expect to give up furthering our advances in the sciences, including the space sciences because things are not perfect on Earth.

Gilruth was the person who suggested to John F.That means tackling space exploration AND fighting poverty, but not driving fancy Jaguars. Daren, UK There is more than enough money in this world to deal with poverty as well as space exploration.

India’s Mars mission could be a giant leap

Should space exploration programs be banned in poverty-stricken nations like India? And it went on and on, including the so-called seasoned NY Times, LA Times, WSJ and many more. The UK government thought about its reparation schemes to be stopped for India. How space exploration and electric cars will help us end energy poverty By Porter Harris, CTO and Co-Founder Throughout my career, I’ve been obsessed with energy and power systems technology; advancing the tech whenever possible.

Oct 31,  · The US has the biggest budget for space exploration by far, spending over six times more than China, according to OECD figures for From the first moon landing to the International Space Station, the US government agency NASA has been leading space exploration since its creation in It is a fact that space exploration requires a big amount of funds that will be utilized for the journey of astronomers in the outer space.

However, in the recent years, there is a huge number of needy and poor people suffer from poverty. Space exploration is a waste of resources. If we wish to tackle the problems of over-population, or of the depletion of resources, we must deal with them on the Earth instead of chasing an elusive dream.

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Space exploration or poverty
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