Unit 3 managing the playwork provision

Partnership working can become difficult where there are perceived status differences between individual participants or occupational groups. Good relationships between partners, a common vision and understanding of expected achievements and what outcomes need to be delivered are critical to the success of partnerships.

In others, the team never leaves this stage. Wherever possible I should involve colleagues in the decision making process when setting objectives.

Any commitments I have made should be fulfilled or advise people immediately if I am unable to do so. Objectives are the outcomes I expect to achieve from my aims or goals.

I should make sure that I work within the boundaries of my knowledge and responsibility and keep accurate records which are stored correctly in line with the data protection act and my organisations policies and procedures.

All planning, goal setting and targets must make sure they encompass the needs of the service user and they are at the centre of my planning. Dissemination is the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate.

Children would never Unit 3 managing the playwork provision to walk, climb stairs or ride a bicycle unless they were strongly motivated to respond to challenges involving a risk of injury. When children sustain or witness injuries they gain direct experience of the consequences of their actions and choices, and through this an understanding of the extent of their abilities and competences.

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Positive outcomes for the individual could include improved services, empowerment, autonomy, informed decision making whilst negative outcomes could consists of miscommunication, information overload, confusion, frustration, duplication of service provision and disempowerment 3.

These compromises are a matter of judgement, not of mechanistic assessment. Initially, I must communicate to gain a clear understanding of what is actually causing the conflict. Almost any environment contains hazards or sources of harm.

Serious issues and feelings are avoided, and people focus on being busy with routines, such as team organization, who does what, when to meet, etc. The concepts of power sharing, consultation and joint ways of working are essential for effective service provision.

UK-wide courses for anyone wishing to learn first aid skills for babies and children. Safeguarding children levels 1, 2 and 3: This will provide an interim qualification which will be added to the SkillsActive List of Required Qualifications to work within the Playwork Sector in Wales, specifically for persons in charge of a holiday play scheme.

Of the two million or so childhood accident cases treated by hospitals each year, less than 2 per cent involve playground equipment. Before discussing inter-agency co-operation and participation, it is important to consider how I can promote the participation and empowerment of the service user.

Present Legal Position 2. The Access to Higher Education Diploma Social Science is a popular, nationally recognised qualification designed to provide you with the skills needed to apply for education degree courses at universities. I should try to establish what has caused the conflict, be non-judgemental in my approach and establish a common ground to work from.

It is also possible to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as an open and participatory leader by encouraging and putting procedures in place to receive feedback on my own performance as a leader from the team members and by providing opportunities for all those involved in the working relationship to express their views.

It is important to clearly define my own role and responsibilities and those of other professionals and agree common objectives, goals, targets and ways of working.

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Effective partnership working involves many features including: Full Statement Acceptable and unacceptable risk In any human activity, there is an element of risk.

Good playwork will always, by its nature, aim to be inclusive of children of different abilities, ethnic background and circumstances.

This can be achieved by having team meetings and giving the team members the chance to share ideas and give feedback on team working and to develop and agree objectives.

They must take steps to ensure that the risks are managed and controlled so far as is reasonably practicable while allowing the potential benefits to be delivered. Colleagues will work better in partnership when they are aware of their goals and share common objectives which they are all working towards together.

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Reason for Amendment 1. This course focuses more on Childhood Studies and gives you an opportunity to study the principles and applications of working with, and providing education for, children in their early years.

On the other hand, play provision should not expose children to significant likelihood of permanent disability or life-threatening injuries. Playwork Principles These Principles establish the professional and ethical framework for playwork and as such must be regarded as a whole.

I will be able to contribute to planning and implementation of joint actions consistent with my role and responsibilities.The unit is for you if you have some responsibility for managing service provision in a setting whose main purpose is to provide children and young manage and review operational plans for play provision 3 You must be able to: Develop, manage and review operational plans for play provision.

Programme Specification Foundation Degree in Early Years Care and Education and/or Playwork practice; • carry out effectively and efficiently the work roles expected of a Senior Practitioner Managing Early Years Provision L5: 17 Managing People 24.


NVQ L2 in PlayworkThe NVQ L2 in Playwork is a nationally recognised qualification awarded by City & Guilds. It enables candidates to gain a qualification that directly relates to the play-work environment, and which is designed to enhance personal growth and development, allowing candidates to undertake their role with greater confidence.

Volunteering can change a child’s life. By supporting families in their time of need we can help them through their crisis until they’re back on their feet, keeping their children safe and out of the care system. • Graded Unit 2 • Policy to practice • Lead curriculum provision of early education for children • Lead the support for children’s creativity • Communication and behaviour science • Managing the implementation of the values and principles of playwork.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • HNC Childhood Practice • Relevant childcare experience. Over ten years in the children's workforce. Playwork at the heart of it! I am an enthusiastic, motivated and confident person. I have skills, knowledge and experience of managing, working and living within a child centred cheri197.com: Sure Start Children's Centre .

Unit 3 managing the playwork provision
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